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How B2B Advertisers Can Overcome
Pandemic-Related Challenges

By Julie Duncan Harris “In the last six months alone, we’ve probably experienced 10 years’ worth of change,” says Allan Thygesen, president of the Americas at Google. I think we all agree. When it comes to marketing and advertising, the struggles of consumer-facing brands have received most of the mainstream attention. B2B marketers face their…

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Why a Media Agency
Can Be Your Most Critical Partner

Lack of leads. Lack of foot traffic. Lack of sales. And lack of brand awareness. These are just some of the ways in which COVID-19 is affecting businesses every day. But you already know that. The pandemic has pushed advertisers to rethink how they need to jump start their business and reengage with their audience…

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How We’re Helping Clients Navigate Advertising
Channels in this Strange, New World

We’ve always embraced the consultative role we take with our clients and media partners. During times when the media landscape experiences a little disruption (or a lot), these relationships allow us to provide guidance grounded in the industry’s real-time ebbs and flows, keeping ahead of industry trends while not straying from best practices. To that…

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