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How We’re Helping Clients Navigate Advertising
Channels in this Strange, New World

We’ve always embraced the consultative role we take with our clients and media partners. During times when the media landscape experiences a little disruption (or a lot), these relationships allow us to provide guidance grounded in the industry’s real-time ebbs and flows, keeping ahead of industry trends while not straying from best practices. To that…

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Out-of-Home Advertising: How the Underdog Medium Is Staying Relevant While Growing

The state of Out-of-Home (OOH) billboards that decorate our highways and that capture our attention while driving, is changing. This is a positive evolution for the medium — and the change is happening right before our eyes. As an OOH specialist, I love this medium and know that it is the underdog of media (By…

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Don’t Count TV Out of Your Media Mix

Depending on what resource you’re using, you can always find proof for the argument you’re trying to make…thanks to the world wide web. With so much talk about digital trends and cord-cutters, traditional broadcast buyers are always being questioned: “How’s TV doing?” The first question is, “What do you consider TV?” “TV” viewing has opened…

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Why an Integrated Approach
to Advertising Works Better

By Aurelia Lewis Sometimes you read an article that rings true with so much of what you believe in that you actually have to eyeball the byline to make sure you didn’t write it. This was the case recently, as I pored over a article, “To Keep A Consumer Brand Top Of Mind, Consider…

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