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Watch Now: Connected Vs. Linear TV

Hi Folks. This is Tori with Lewis Media Partners. I wanted to talk to you about something that is happening in your customer’s living room, right now as we speak. Specifically, it’s about how their TV watching is changing. We know TV watching in general has gone up about 16% since the outbreak in mid-March,…

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How Media Habits Are
Changing Political Advertising

As COVID fallout, civil unrest, and our reckoning with racial injustice play out on TVs around the county — and right in our back yards — they’re about to be joined by another hugely impactful media force: the 2020 election. Media has and will continue to play a critical role in our elections. On that…

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Connected Vs. Linear TV:
Dialing in the Right Media Mix

Tori Stowers Display Channel Manager How have you spent your time in quarantine? Searching Amazon for above ground pools? Ordering mass amounts of groceries (and wine) through apps or online? Googling how to entertain your kids all day, every day? Experimenting with Zoom backgrounds for your next conference call? No matter what category you may…

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Why a Media Agency
Can Be Your Most Critical Partner

Lack of leads. Lack of foot traffic. Lack of sales. And lack of brand awareness. These are just some of the ways in which COVID-19 is affecting businesses every day. But you already know that. The pandemic has pushed advertisers to rethink how they need to jump start their business and reengage with their audience…

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Stare into Our Media Crystal Ball…

Lewis Media Partners anchors its 2019 media prognostications with something you rarely see: accountability. Things move fast in the world of media. From increasingly smarter technology to audience behavior that seemingly evolves in real time, it’s an ecosystem where predictions are part science, part art. And they can often fall flat if they’re made by…

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Why an Integrated Approach
to Advertising Works Better

By Aurelia Lewis Sometimes you read an article that rings true with so much of what you believe in that you actually have to eyeball the byline to make sure you didn’t write it. This was the case recently, as I pored over a article, “To Keep A Consumer Brand Top Of Mind, Consider…

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