Lauren Lacy

Lauren Lacy


Lauren arrived at LMP in 2019 after working at Richmond-based Virginia Commercial Finance. There as Operations Manager, she led a team supporting multiple phases of the commercial lending process. Lauren earned her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Richmond, where she also majored in Leadership Studies.

Put a problem, puzzle, or predicament in front of Lauren and watch a master at work. She’ll approach it from unexpected angles, probing every nuance. And if it’s conundrum that’s tough to crack, you better clear your schedule. Because Lauren will sit tight until she chases down the solution. Where does such tenacity come from? Perhaps from the grit and determination drummed up by years of hoofing it as a distance runner. Or possibly from the patience amassed by poring over dozens upon dozens of page-turning novels.


Never letting anyone down — herself, her coworkers, and anyone relying on her savvy data analysis and output.


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