Jackie Niblock


Jackie Niblock

Director, Digital

Jackie began her career in traditional media, moving to digital in 2004. A passionate advocate for integrated marketing, Jackie joined LMP in 2009 to launch the digital division, which has since grown to over $10 million annually. As a senior manager of digital marketing for Circuit City, she drove over $500 million in annual sales, leading work that won two IAC awards. She screened for the 2015 and 2016 IAB MIXX Awards, and has lectured on digital advertising metrics at Virginia Commonwealth University’s Brandcenter. She is a graduate of Arizona State University.

Jackie lived all over the world as a kid and developed a deep love of soccer, the world’s most popular sport. The “beautiful game,” a sport of well-constructed strategies, teamwork, and real-time maneuvering, is not so different from what she does every day as Digital Director.


Deploying her strategic mind and all-star team to help clients make their way across a noisy, chaotic field and achieve their goals.


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