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How Media Habits Are
Changing Political Advertising

As COVID fallout, civil unrest, and our reckoning with racial injustice play out on TVs around the county — and right in our back yards — they’re about to be joined by another hugely impactful media force: the 2020 election. Media has and will continue to play a critical role in our elections. On that…

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Why a Media Agency
Can Be Your Most Critical Partner

Lack of leads. Lack of foot traffic. Lack of sales. And lack of brand awareness. These are just some of the ways in which COVID-19 is affecting businesses every day. But you already know that. The pandemic has pushed advertisers to rethink how they need to jump start their business and reengage with their audience…

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TV Update Post-COVID April 2020

We continue our journey into how COIVD-19 has impacted media consumption with a deeper dive into local television.  How has TV viewing changed and shifted because of COVID-19? Nationally, TV usage is trending well above 2019 levels.  As we can see in the latest update from Nielsen, Americans are watching more TV.  Total hours per…

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What Impact has COVID-19
had on Radio Listenership?

As subject matter experts, LMP consistently needs to understand how the COVID-19 virus is impacting media consumption.  First up, we are taking a deeper dive into the impact on audio.  How are people listening to radio now that this pandemic has forced millions to work from home, and commutes have all but disappeared? Audio Update…

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How We’re Helping Clients Navigate Advertising
Channels in this Strange, New World

We’ve always embraced the consultative role we take with our clients and media partners. During times when the media landscape experiences a little disruption (or a lot), these relationships allow us to provide guidance grounded in the industry’s real-time ebbs and flows, keeping ahead of industry trends while not straying from best practices. To that…

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Don’t Count TV Out of Your Media Mix

Depending on what resource you’re using, you can always find proof for the argument you’re trying to make…thanks to the world wide web. With so much talk about digital trends and cord-cutters, traditional broadcast buyers are always being questioned: “How’s TV doing?” The first question is, “What do you consider TV?” “TV” viewing has opened…

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