Revisiting Our LinkedIn Wish List

Last month LinkedIn sent users an update announcing that they added conversion tracking to their marketing toolbox.

We cheered the update – and the ability to better analyze results from Content and Text Ad campaigns. In fact, it was one of the requests we had from the social networking platform acquired by Microsoft this past spring. That’s right, we made a list. And wrote a letter. Now that Microsoft and LinkedIn have announced that they’re listening to customers’ request, we thought it was the right time to share our original letter…


Dear Microsoft,

With the recent LinkedIn acquisition, I have a few ad related requests. As a digital media analyst, I know LinkedIn sits on powerful first-party data within the top B2B social platform, that I really (seriously, really) want to use it in an impactful and efficient way. I’ve been frustrated with my past LinkedIn campaigns because of the limitations of the advertising platform, performance, and lackluster reporting, when I know it can be so much better. LinkedIn has the potential to have real ownership in the B2B advertising space that’s often tough to target and find strong data sources.

Now that that’s out of the way, on to my requests:


1.)     Allow 3rd party ad serving tracking tags
2.)    Make your reporting and targeting more robust
3.)    Give access to email products within the ads manager
4.)    Work with DSPs to make your feed and tile inventory available through them
5.)    Allow for modeling and retargeting strategies
6.)    Develop more engaging and integrated native ads
7.)    Allow for custom customer list matching
8.)    Don’t keep all LinkedIn data on LinkedIn. Open it up to the exchanges and networks.
X 9.)    Provide pixels for tracking, modeling, retargeting (Done, thanks!)

I think these will give you a good starting point and I look forward to seeing how you can make LinkedIn reach its full potential. I know you’ll benefit from it, but more importantly, this will help our clients and their potential customers communicate and find each other in an otherwise tough B2B space.


Tori Stowers
Lewis Media Partners

Posted on October 26, 2016 in LinkedIn, Media

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