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Influencers are all the rage these days.  As you scroll through your social media feed, chances are, you probably follow an influencer or two. Whether the topic is home décor, food, or even travel, people are paying attention.

Do you know where else we find influencers?  On air!  Radio personalities are the original influencers.  They build connections with their listeners by sharing tidbits from their life, commentary on everyday occurrences, and also through the music they play.  The sound of their voice can be iconic in a marketplace.  In some markets, you can hear a voice on the radio and immediately know who it is.   Whether it’s on air, online through social media, or at an event or appearance, radio personalities work to build these powerful relationships with their listeners.

Here are some statistics from the Radio Advertising Bureau that help demonstrate how powerful this relationship can be:

  • 87% of radio listeners know a personal detail about their favorite on-air personality / DJ
  • 81% of radio listeners consider DJ’s a friend, family member, or acquaintance
  • 83% of listeners value and trust their personality’s opinions

Many advertisers can leverage the power of the radio personality / listener relationship through endorsements.  An endorsement is as simple as it sounds: a radio personality endorses a product and their voice communicates the brand message to the listener.  In fact, 49% of listeners stated that DJ recommendations increase perceived value of brands, products, and services.

It’s important, however, to consider what factors may impact a brand’s decision to align with a radio personality.  It must make sense and be a good fit for the brand.  There should be a passion for the product and a strong understanding of the brand.  There should be relevant copy points, mixed in with the magic of storytelling.

Over the years, Lewis Media Partners has strategically partnered with a number of influencers across media. This includes Jeff Wicker of Richmond’s WTVR-FM (98.1). We’ve worked with Jeff for several of our clients, including the YMCA and Colonial Downs.  Jeff’s storytelling and genuine passion, coupled with brand knowledge, makes for a powerful combination. Take a listen…

Posted on September 30, 2019 in Influencers, Media, Media Planning, Radio

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