Virginia Lottery


Increase holiday ticket sales.


The Virginia Lottery wanted to increase holiday ticket sales and decrease their annual media budget by 13%. We needed to find an efficient way to reach loyalists and attract new players. Spending in Northern Virginia (NOVA) was a concern because it accounted for more than half of the total media budget but yielded less than one-third of overall holiday sales.


yahoo_mail_holidayIt was impossible to reach Virginia residents in NOVA with broadcast TV and radio without wasting media dollars on both DC metro and Maryland residents, who could not buy VA Lottery tickets without driving out of the district. So we eliminated those channels and invested in zoned cable, truck-side, cinema and highly targeted digital advertising media that let us speak to Virginians more cost-effectively. Because research indicated that scratch tickets were popular last-minute gifts and stocking stuffers, we also concentrated spending in the weeks just before Christmas and focused on programming and websites that matched consumers media habits during the holiday time period. The strategy yielded 25% more impressions for fewer dollars.


Three of five scratch tickets sold out before Christmas and annual subscriptions increased YOY.

Media Channels


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