State Fair of Virginia


Increase attendance at the 2013 State Fair by 30% YOY.


StateFair_300X250_924In 2012, the cash-strapped parent company of the State Fair of Virginia filed for bankruptcy. The Virginia Farm Bureau, a longtime client of LMP, purchased partial ownership in the fair and stepped in to manage the event. They called on us to drive the media and marketing strategy for the 2013 State Fair.


Because the target audience was broad, we rotated messages and creative executions for 10 days before the fair and throughout the fair’s 10-day run. This “something-for-everyone” approach, which allowed us to appeal to a wide audience while tailoring offerings to particular segments, included daily highlights such as “Fried-Food Friday,” “Stampede Saturday,” and “Southern Rock Sunday.” To ensure message consistency, we also advised on blogs and other website content.


Attendance at the fair increased 40% YOY.

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