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Why an Integrated Approach
to Advertising Works Better

By Aurelia Lewis Sometimes you read an article that rings true with so much of what you believe in that you actually have to eyeball the byline to make sure you didn’t write it. This was the case recently, as I pored over a article, “To Keep A Consumer Brand Top Of Mind, Consider…

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3 Essential Marketing Tactics
for Modern Candidates & Campaigns

This will be a record-setting campaign season. More candidates, more marketing channels and more money being thrown around this way or that. We recently wrote about the impact this supercharged election cycle will have on non-political brands – the businesses and organizations simply seeking to keep their message above the noise. Now we’re turning our…

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7 Reasons to Give Your
Social Media a Second Look

When we ask companies why they’re on social media, there is one surprising answer that comes up more than we expected. It goes something like this… “Well, we need to be. Right? I mean, our competitors are out there. We need to be there, too. Right…?” Right. And we get it. Your customers likely expect…

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How to Stay Above
the Noise this Election

Managing your advertising program during a presidential election season is kind of like hunting for that daunting mall parking space during Black Friday’s pre-dawn hours. The earlier you arrive, the better. You shouldn’t mind parking somewhere new and hiking in from the furthest lots, because at least it means you found a spot. And simply…

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Super Bowl Post-Mortem:
When is a Commercial Worth $5 million?

The Super Bowl commercial may be the closest thing to a marketing moonshot. Even in an age when analytics and ROI are discussed ad nauseam before any green light is given, there are so many unknowns surrounding running an ad when more than 110 million viewers tune in. Who – and how many eyes will…

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Tis the Season…
of Media Planning!

Fourth quarter is when clients are working on 2016 advertising budgets – or in some cases – when they are starting to develop 2016 plans. It is a crazy time of year for us, but an exciting time as well! We used to say that it took three years for media to change and adapt.…

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